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vacation update!!

Ahhhh...vacation was so nice =]. I pretty much just relaxed and hung out with people that I hadn't in a while. Me and Matt are much better, and I only hung out with him like twice this week; but both times were fun =]. I wish that I could have chilled with Ashley K and Danielle; but I didn't have time =[. But that's alright. I'm ready for school again---I guess =///. But yay for vacation :).


P.S. RIP The OC =[[[[
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does anyone know about anything anymore?
I don't think so.
Everything's so slow and tiring and redundant.
I'm scared and wish for something new.
Something that I haven't felt before.
I wish to get out of here.
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i want something new.
i hate being so young
i feel as though i cant do anything.
i want things to be good
and better.
i wish i wasnt so sad all the time.
im so bored with everything right now.
2006 sucked balls.
someone rescue me and take me far far away from here.
like california.
we can start new and dance.

i want to dance through a traffic jam.
i want to dance.
all the time.
i want to make my own music.
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update say whhaa?

prom is in like a week and a half and i have like nothing. hahaha. im not stressing out as much as i should be but i know that it will all come together. im excited about it. i think were going to gangsta mccarthys after chyeahhhhh. but im excited. im excited matts coming; im excited johns coming. i know its gonna be a lot of fun. =]
what else. me and matt are good. we miss each other like 24/7 now and its getting really pathetic but were in a good streak now and im excited about that as well.
fashion u was so fun and helped me a lot in like thinking about what i want to do and what to take etc etc. it was so fun and i hope i can do it next year =]
what else...school is still shitty. work is still shitty. but i survive. im always tired and i always look tired but im happy and morning crew at our perch is so amazing hahahah. im sort of excited because it seems like short and steph are getting along a little bit better. and that makes me happy. theyre not snipping about each other anymore. and that was getting annoying so im glad. and kalin is excited about timmy, and genn seems pretty okay too. always worried about katie but she seems to be doing a little better. no word on meghan :/. but i love my friends. mmiiisss bon and anne like crazy. im glad im in some of livs classes but i really want a rig night soon. >[

life is okay. its not crappy. but its not incredibly fabulous. but its getting better i think.
peace braughs. [who dont read this hahaha ;)]
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i wish you'd be nice to me.
not just when you are trying to make up for screaming at me an hour earlier.
i wish you just wanted to.
and did.
but you don't.
and ill survive.
so i guess its okay.
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im in newspaper right now and im bored and i had a random photoshoot last night because I M so lame. =] anyways. lifes pretty good. newspapers boring; but its okay

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(no subject)

im tired of you.
you're fake fake fake.
i dont even know if i know who you are.
i wonder if you strip everything else you have off of you...
would you be anyone at all?
jack black high fidel

=[ <333

pinkpanther13697: i just miss you matt.
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